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Free Web Site Content Sample : Tips on Adding Color to Your Website

Word Count : 555

When it comes to the design of your website, colors do matter. Colors can be used to trigger emotions and reactions in people. The colors you use on your website can ad or detract from the attractiveness and professional look of your site. You can use various colors in order to set the mood for whatever call to action you are proposing on your website. By utilizing colors well you may find that you increase the sales and success of your website.

Whenever you select the colors for your website, keep in mind that not every visitor will "see" the colors in the same way. The monitors they use and the resolution settings on their computer will have an impact on how the colors of your website appear when a person visits your site. What looks great on your computer may not look as extra spectacular on another computer. There are some colors that will typically look about the same on any monitor. When designing a website your design and graphics programs offer a "web safe" colors option to help you select some of the colors that will work the best.

It is often recommended not to go overboard when placing colors on your website. Instead stick with somewhere in the area of three to five colors. Use different colors for different parts of your website. You may want a set color for the background of your site and one for the main text. The headings may also be a color of their own. A few lines on your website may be written in a color that will really grab people's attention. You often see these lines in yellow or red. Of course, you can use more colors and can do so tastefully. Just try to keep from using an abundance of color because this can take away from your website.

For the text of your website that calls a person to action, consider using the color red. This color attracts people to attention and reflects energy. People are more likely to notice these lines and even to act if they are printed in red. Yellow is also an excellent color that can be used to attract people's attention. In order to convey trust to people, you may want to use the color blue. This color often signifies trust and can be used to help visitors and potential clients to trust you and your business.

Dark colors on the website should be avoided in most cases. These colors do not tend to attract people's attention very much. They do not invoke much emotion in people and therefore do not serve much purpose for a website. Black copy is often used. However, for the lines that are meant to call a person to action or to really attract attention, should be written in a different color.

When selecting colors for your website you will want to use colors that are pleasant to look at when viewed by visitors to the website. You will also want colors that go well with the topic of your website. For example, for very professional websites, you are not likely to want to use an assortment of "wild" colors. You may opt to use colors that can be considered elegant and classy. Some of these colors include: blue, burgundy and gray.


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