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Factors Affecting Website Traffic

There are several factors which makes your website to go un-noticed. Following are some of the reasons:

Is my site attractive and makes people to stay around?

If your site is built from a standard template, it probably does nothing to attract your customers. Though it may have all the necessary components, it may not look professional. A prospective customer, who looks at your site, should get the feeling the site selling the product or service is a dependable business and doesn’t look like it may fold any day or cheat him. Though you may feel it is expensive to get a professional web designer, there are freelance designers and the prices you get for design may be better than you might imagine.

Is your website designed for search engine optimization?

Prospective customers search by typing in some ‘keywords’. These keywords comprise what they know about the product or service they wish to find. You must also be aware of tools such as keyword searches and design your keyword references and tags to satisfy the most common words people use to search for your products.

Does your website offer ‘value’ and true content?

After the customer gets to your site, they may find that the content is not useful to them. Think about your target audience and why they may be coming to your site - to see, learn or buy. Don’t discourage customers with four pages of sales pitch typed in large red font with bold italics. It sure will annoy your prospective customer who will leave and never come back.

What is the quality and integrity of your web hosting service?

Ensure that you use your business name as your domain name with a professional web hosting service behind that name. If you use a free web hosting service, your web pages will have the typical look of standard templates and immediately the customer knows that the site is free and thinks your business is too small or new for them to depend on for service. Also be careful about cut-rate or free web hosts, as these web hosting services often experience above average downtime and your customers will not be able to get to your site or make the purchase.


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