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Google Adsense Tweaking Tips

So you've read all the articles on choosing the right keywords and where to place AdSense ads on your website, but when you check your earnings they seem a little disappointing. Sound familiar? Instead of throwing away all your hard work, try these tweaking tips.

Firstly, where is your traffic coming from? It's likely you have a Google AdWords account to start you off. Log into your AdWords account and click on 'Edit Campaign Settings'. Change the Ad Serving option to Rotate rather than Optimise. This can help when surfers recognise and avoid your best performing ads.

Now log into your AdSense account and click on 'AdSense Setup'. Choose the Channels option and enter the URL for every page on your website. Yes, all of them! A week later go back to your AdSense account and click on the Advanced Reports tab. Enter the date range for the previous week, choose 'Individual Ad Unit' from the 'Show Data By' field and then select 'Channel Data' from the 'Show' field. Select all the URLs in the Channels field and choose the 'Group By Channel' option below this. Now display the report to find all the best performing pages. Have a look at those pages and see if you can work out why they are performing well. Are the ads in different places? Is the text more interesting, shorter or longer than others? Try changing the ad formats to larger ones and see if the revenue increases.

If all the ads are performing badly try removing all but one from each page and placing it right in the center of the text on each page. Choose the Button format and see if this makes a difference.

If the ads do not seem relevant to the text then go back to the AdSense account and re-edit the code for your ads. Tick the "Framed Page Code" box and replace the ad code on your site. Please note, if you have Google Toolbar on your computer then this may be skewing the ads you see, but other visitors may be viewing totally relevant ads. Check on another computer before following this step.

These are just a few ideas to tweak your AdSense ads. Remember it can take several months to build a decent revenue stream, so don't be tempted to spend huge amounts of money on scam methods. Just keep on adding good content and studying your AdSense reports to slowly build your site into a solid income.


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