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Free Web Site Content Sample : How To Walk Your Way Fit

Word Count: 774

Walking comes as a natural form of exercise that is why walking is so easy to keep up as an exercise routine. It's important to know how to get the most out of your walks, as you can end up with a number of sore ligaments, and sore feet. As a beginning walker myself, I began to realize a few patterns that arose through my walks, and certain things I knew I would begin to do differently on future walks. First of them being, and might I say most important, comfortable shoes!

Sure, we all have the cute sandals in our closet, that for the time beings are really comfortable. You think to yourself, "These won't hurt my feet while out on an hour walk," only to be painfully regretting your decision later. Sandals are most of the time (unless they are extremely comfortable, and been worn for long periods of time before) out of the question when considering going for a long walk. This is where you should decide to pick up a pair of those running, or walking shoes in your department's store that you've looked at, but had no use for! Or, find the pair that you bought years ago (if they still fit comfortably, of course), and dig them out from the back of the closet. Your new found motivation for self fitness, and your feet will be thanking you.

While the most important was our comfort in shoe selection, hydration ranks in second. It's so important to remain hydrated, and bring a beverage along on all outings. In the warm summer months it doesn't take long to become really thirsty, and crave a big glass of ice water. This isn't always a possibility while out, especially if you are a half hour from home. I find that filling up an extra water bottle half way, and freezing it works well as ice. You would then fill the remainder of the bottle with cold water right before your walk. Throughout your walk, your water will remain cool, and the ice will melt for additional ice cold water. You can also try this trick with gatorade, or other hydrating beverages. It's important to steer clear of caffeinated beverages, and these will only leave you more thirty.

Be sure you're up for a long walk. It's easy to think we are, and feel like we are motivated for it, but are we? Think about the return time, not just how long it takes to get there. Often people don't realize how long it takes to get back, and leave themselves exhausted upon return. Start out slow, you will find that people aren't going to judge you for only taking a ten minute walk. They will applaud your continued effort. Those around you will start to notice a new you, even with a ten minute walk on the weekends. Maybe not in your frame, right away, but your new found energy level, and self-esteem.

When walking with children, it's important to remember a couple of things for them as well. Sure, they might've just eaten dinner, or gotten a diaper change, but with children things are always unpredictable. You don't want to be unprepared for that moment of a dirty diaper, and being a half hour from home, or a screaming baby in a stroller because you didn't pack along any finger foods. It's a good idea to create a little bowl, with a lid of course, of goodies to keep in your stroller. I often just place this bowl, loaded with goodies, in my cupboard for the next use. I will usually pack graham cracker sticks, and Gerber fruit puffs for my nine-month-old, in addition to a full bottle ( the bottle being the most important).

A sun screen. Need I say more? Even if it's some what cloudy outside, it's important to realize that you could get burned, especially if you have minimal color as it is. Consider applying even a low SPF sun screen to yourself, or wearing a light jacket. Children, always should have a sun screen when in doubt. It's important to remember their feet. Sure, it may not be too hot, or seem as though they will burn, but put socks on their feet in the summers just incase. I actually bring a light blanket along, incase I feel the sun is too hot on my son. I will then cover his legs until we are in a more shaded area. It's also a good idea to get a stroller that has a moveable visor, that way you have control of your child's safety in the sun.


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