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The Importance of Protecting Your Content

In the sea of websites, you'll have to search a bit for the few that provide informative content on a continuous basis. Of course there are blogs which people update daily about their experiences and opinions as they relate to their environment, but when you consider the amount of content that is useful to the general population, the pickings are slim. Even most newspapers use content rewritten from services like the Associated Press. That is why when you place content on your website that took a lot of time, sweat, and tears to make, you want to ensure that no one else uses it. When faced with the shear size and spread of the internet, it seems like an ominous task to protect your content. However, there are some tools that can help you including scripts, sites, and other methods. You don't have to sit back and let someone steal your work.

Content Protection Techniques

With all the blood, sweat and tears our writers put into the original content we provide, it is more important than ever that you go through the proper channels to protect your purchase. Protecting your content is not easy. With written content you can have cases where people naturally come up with very similar articles just because they are based on the same facts. This is especially true when you take into consideration that most webmasters are after popular keywords. This may put them in direct competition with many other webmasters.

Although at times it is difficult to identify a reworked article, one of the best tools for finding internet plagiarism and protecting your content is a site called Copyscape dot com. This site allows you to check the internet for sites that have very similar words and phrasing. They then display these sites that are too close for comfort. This allows you to read the site for yourself and make your own judgment as to whether the copy could have been stolen or is just very similar. It also provides you with the internet addresses for those sites that may have plagiarized your writing.

Copyscape is not full proof way of protecting your content. It is a program and incapable of making the same judgment calls as a human. For this reason, many innocent writers have been called plagiarists. So, make sure that you read both writings to decide whether it truly is plagiarism. Writers that take articles and reword them may confuse Copyscape. Your legal power lies in the fact that although the structure may change, the words and meanings are still the same as the article they are copying. Though the legalities of this type of content theft is questionable, it is not ethical, professional or legal.

How to Protect Your Content

It is important to remember that there are clear steps you need to follow when protecting your content has failed. Start out by giving the site the option to take the content down - a simple email denoting your findings and the threat of possible legal actions may suffice. Based on their response, may determine your next course of action. In the instances of content that appears 'reworked' always keep in mind that the writer may have legitimately written the copy. If they do not cooperate you can go ahead with other avenues but if they do comply than you saved yourself some trouble.

The next avenue includes a Cease & Desist order where you send a formal warning to the content poster describing what actions will be taken if the content is not removed.

Finally, a warning posted all over the internet, contacting advertisers, and other business associates of the company, contacting the search engines like Google that may have the power to ban the company, contacting the company's web hosting provider (who has the power to immediately take their whole site down), and definitely legal options.

Most likely, companies that are too lazy to develop their own content are also too lazy to fight you from protecting your content. They will usually take the content down, even if they replace it with someone else’s work. At least it won’t be your work. After encountering a number of complaints this company may decide it is worth the money to hire a company like to create content the old fashioned way.


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