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Reasons To Make Updates To Your Website

A website is a living thing – a work in progress. So if you’ve just got yours up and running, congratulations. But don’t sit back and rest for too long. You need to look after your site, because it has the ability to look after you by pulling in more customers.

There is always the danger that after spending so long planning and designing how your site is going to look, it becomes difficult to make changes when the site is live. But try and think of it like the birth of a baby – there may be months of preparation, but you still have to look after it and nurture it after it is born. Time that is well spent now will ensure your website grows into a mature entity that is rich in content.

Still need some convincing? Here are three reasons why you should always be updating and improving your website:

  1. You will develop a more loyal readership – you’re giving people a reason to come back They will be wondering what’s new, and are more likely to visit again if you tell them you have new and exciting things being added. It’s the equivalent of a cliff hanger in a soap opera – tease them with what’s coming up next week. Say something like, ‘Bookmark us in your favourites and remember to come back next Sunday, when our revealing article on unusual advertising methods will be on the site.

  2. You can show people you stay up to date with what’s going on. If they see new additions and updated content on a regular basis they know you are actively involved with the site – instead of just sitting back and letting it pull in some revenue for you. Regular involvement builds a bond of trust – and is more likely to turn casual surfers into buyers. Create another bond with your readers by asking them to contact you with any ideas, news or views. People like to be involved and have some input.

  3. It forces you to be creative. Even if your website is working well there will still be room for improvement. What else could you add? Is there anything that could be changed, amended or improved? Do some surfing and have a look at sites similar to your own. How do the most successful ones operate? What features do they have? Is there a lot of interaction with the site owners? Don’t copy what other people are doing – blaze a trail and come up with your own ideas.

One last tip – pay attention to any feedback you get. One of the best ways to know what’s working with your site – and what isn’t – is to pay attention to your client base. Use what your clients are telling you to turn your website into a warm, inviting place for your site visitors to find comfort in.


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