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Copywriting Rates (non-keyword specific)
7 Day Delivery - $24.95 per page
3 Day Delivery - $34.95 per page
Next Day Delivery - $44.95 per page
SEO Copywriting Rates
7 Day Delivery - $29.95 per page
3 Day Delivery - $39.95 per page
Next Day Delivery - $49.95 per page
(* 1 page = 400 words)

How can we offer professional copywriting services for only $24.95 a page? Simple. The professional writers of the Get Content, Inc. network believe in its business model, standard of quality, and commitment to provide copywriting at an affordable price. They write because they love to. Most of our writers own independent writing companies and do well without Get Content, Inc. - we appreciate their dedication to our cause.

Don't let our price, excuse me, our value deter you from choosing the best network of copywriting professionals available. Cheap copy can be just that - cheap, and that's not what we do.

We take pride in the fact that you have chosen our writers to represent your company. In return, we guarantee that your professionally written, researched, non-plagiarized content with no re-editing required is delivered on time and with a peace of mind that makes the low, low, low price of $24.95 per page the best bargain on the web today.

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Subscription services are also available for customers that require daily, weekly or monthly content.


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