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Dangers in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To enjoy online success, search engine optimization is a must. Search engines provide visitors to your site that are pre-qualified and ready to read your presentation. It's the best type of free advertising available online today. So, you can see why SEO is crucial for every website. But, before starting a search engine optimization plan, read about the potential dangers that can hinder your SEO efforts.

Designing with Frames - A Bad Idea

Frames were once popular in Web design, but were often frowned upon because of their search engine woes. Frames actually prevent, or at least hinder, a search engine's ability to crawl your true content. Why? The "real" page is framed within another page. The navigation links and headings remain stationary while new content appears within the center of the page. When a link is clicked, the visitor remains in that same frame. Likewise, frames act as a block to the search engines.

If you've already designed your website in frames, a code called "noframe" can help reveal your pages to the search engines.

Beware of Flash Design

Beware of the SEO dangers of Flash design. The design is beautiful, but the results in search engines can be horrible. Your flash page hides your actual HTML code where search engines can't crawl the page. So, your homepage and main content pages may never get listed with some search engines. Several search engines are tackling this problem, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some Flash design tips for effective search engine optimization:

  • Offer your site in both HTML and Flash, but give the choice of links from an HTML homepage.
  • Use Flash only for presentations or special sections of your site, but not the entire site.
  • Create all links in HTML as well as Flash.
  • Offer related content in HTML for every page that's designed in Flash.

Dynamic URLs - Another Hazard

Many companies with a huge selection of products or a lot of site users are turning to dynamic URLs for easier site management. Unfortunately, dynamic URLs can hinder search engine optimization because search engines will sometimes ignore databases as a whole. To get around this problem, design a separate homepage under a regular URL, and also add SEO-friendly content to that site with HTML design. Use this main domain name as a gateway to your database pages.

Using Javascript Links

Search engines crawl HTML links to go from page to page at your website. This helps all your pages to be indexed - not just one. If you use Javascript code for your web page links, the search engines may not get any further than your homepage. Javascript hides your actual link within the code and hinders your search engine optimization efforts.

When Javascript is necessary, be sure to include a separate link in HTML so the search engines will be able to crawl through your entire website to find content.

Search engine optimization is easy once you know what to avoid. Keep the dangers listed above in mind as you promote your website. Good design is worthless if no one ever sees your website.


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