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Make Your Article your Hardest Working Employee

When it comes to generating traffic, articles work. There are a number of web sites I know that have done very well by just posting articles all over the net. This writer has also made money online by using articles as the only method for generating traffic.

Still there are those who do not believe it. Others have half heartedly tried an article or two here and there, but have quickly lost interest after receiving only a handful of visitors.

Articles work, but like everything else there are a few rules you have to observe to make them work for you.

1) Give valuable useful information.

The information in your article must be useful. Most people on the net are pressed for time, with too many things to do and very little time in which to do it. Donít forget that there is also a lot else competing for their attention. So if the subject and angle you have chosen for your article is not interesting, the worst will happen ñ it will be ignored.

It is useful to target your article as narrowly as possible at a certain group and then address a very specific problem affecting that group. The more pressing and current that problem is, the better. Naturally this group or target Market which you will have selected must be the same core target market your web site or blog is targeting. Be careful never to lose sight of your end objective which is to get readers of your articles to visit your site.

2) The articles have to be well written.

Your articles will need to be interesting and well written. This starts with a good headline which will be the first thing your readers see and based on it, they will decide whether or not to read the rest of your article.

Use popular key words in your category when writing the article. This will help you a great deal in attracting Search engine traffic your articles, wherever they are, which dramatically increases the chances of your prospects finding you in the jungle that is the?world?wide web.

One of the huge advantages that a well written article enjoys is a viral effect. That is it will get re-posted again and again and people will also link to it, again and again, thus increasing the readership tremendously. This viral effect is the real power behind using articles as a marketing tool online because it can happen very fast and rapidly, thus increasing your traffic equally fast.

This viral effect will just not happen if the article is poorly written with typos or shoddily done.

If you are not a reasonably good writer, rather than damage the reputation of your online business, hire a writer or purchase online content. Purchasing online content costs very little these days.

3) Post articles consistently at relevant high traffic web sites.

Go to your favourite search engine and use the key words that are most relevant to your article. The results you get will be the top relevant sites. The next step will be to do a search within these results using the key words ìsubmit articleî to find the sites that post articles free.

Consistent posting of your articles will give you the best results. Give yourself a daily or even weekly target of how many articles you want to post. Even if you post to only 5 web sites a day at the end of the month you will have posted your article to total of 150 web sites.

4) Your resource box will make or break your campaign.

Your resource box at the end of your article is the most important thing after you have gotten people to read your article. It should combine with the article to generate trust and confidence in you and your business. And then it should inspire some action. Whatever action you would like the readers to take after reading your article. This will heavily depend on what your online marketing strategy is.

It is prudent and very important that you find a way of trapping email addresses of those people who read your article to create an opt-in email list. You can offer a valuable and enticing report or a brief e-course. The success of the offer in your resource box will depend on how well written your article is and the hunger for more information you created by giving useful and unique tips. Done well, you can build a sizeable opt-in email list, which is the most valuable marketing tool online for any webmaster or marketer.

5) It is a numbers game.

Many people are not aware of the fact that the response rate online is very low when you compare it to the percentages often achieved offline. A mail order letter sent by snail mail to a targeted list can easily yield a 5 % response rate. Online, you will be lucky to get a fraction of that. One customer from every 200 visitors is quite a good response rate by any online standards.

Still, online you have the advantage of being able to attract huge traffic at virtually no cost and very quickly too, which is not possible offline or with expensive snail mail.

So if you do 5 articles that end up being posted at just 10 different sites and each article is read by an average of 3 people every day, you will have a total of 150 hits per day. But out of these only about 20% (30) or less will end up visiting your site. You will probably need at least 10 times that number visiting your site for you to start generating sales.

So the secret is to write the articles and post them consistently. As the number of articles (and thus links to your site) out there increases, you will start to see the effect on your traffic.

But the really huge advantage of articles is that they will often remain out there for a long time, working hard for you. This is really the main reason why articles are such a great way of promoting your site or blog.


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