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Get Content is your source for original content, articles, reviews, tutorials, e-books and more. If your website, newsletter needs it, we will write it. With content written upon request, we can deliver articles within your time frame (daily, weekly, monthly) for less than $30 an article. Our service makes you the full rights owner of hot off the press articles in as little as 4 hours.

What can original content do for you?

Consider your website or newsletter the new kid in the neighborhood. You may get visitors, but without anything useful to offer, the visitors may be hesitant to return. Worst than that is that they may find someone else (your competition) more interesting. Most of us have been there - wanting to offer a valuable friendship to all we encounter. The friendship on the web is simple - you offer visitors a service, information or products, in return your visitors offer recommendations, purchases and a long term trust in your expertise.

Not convinced, well we can offer three major reasons to add content to your site on a regular basis, all of which will help your site become more popular and make you more money.

Reason #1: Training Search Engine Spiders

The first reason is one many web site owners do not know, although more and more are catching on these days. It's known as the "spider food" or "spider bait" strategy. The idea is simple: sites that have changing or new content added on a regular basis appear different each time a search engine spider pops around to have a look. Why is that important? Search engines like web sites that offer new or different material. The more often you update or add content, the more you train the automated spiders to come visit to see what’s new, and that has important implications for your site. If you train the spiders to come around daily (or even several times per day), any changes you make will be picked up within hours, not weeks! Now you know one key reason why adding new or updated content regularly is vitally important.

Reason #2: Sticky Sites Earn Big Money

The second reason to add web site content regularly is to make your site "sticky". A sticky site is one that brings visitors back again and again. It's a goal every site owner should strive to achieve. One of the best ways to get those valuable repeat visits is by offering new and interesting content every day, or at least a couple of times per week. Over time, this pattern will become apparent to your visitors, just like it will the automated search engine spiders. Only spiders, while cute and cuddly, don’t spend any money, while your regular visitors probably will!

Reason #3: More Site Content Means More Passive Income Potential

The third reason to add content to your site on a regular basis is to grow your passive income. What’s that, you ask? Passive income is money your site earns without any work on your part. It’s a truly wonderful thing! Google and Yahoo both offer ways to monetize a site by showing ads that pay you when a visitor clicks on one. (NOTE: Yahoo’s program is currently open only to U.S. webmasters, but soon will be open to many others). Other than copying and pasting a few lines of code one time per page at your site, the money you earn through Google’s AdSense program or the Yahoo Publisher Network is totally passive (hands off).

By adding more and more content, your site will accrue more individual pages. More pages equal more occurrences of your Google or Yahoo ads, resulting in the potential for growing revenues for you. Moreover, this form of advertising is growing by leaps and bounds. Soon, Microsoft’s search engine, MSN, will unveil its own version to compete with Google and Yahoo.


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